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Tornadoes sweep through North Texas, Oklahoma (Oklahoma City and Moore), Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa - Jaycees mobilize to help!

The United States Jaycees FoundationDear Fellow Jaycees,

As of the writing of this letter, Illinois is in a state of emergency
due to a violent tornado that struck the state on Sunday,
November, 17, 2013.
The Foundation received an email from Past Illinois State President Tanya Haubner that the Current Illinois State President Heather Winemiller and her family were part of the families that were hit by a EF4 tornado in Washington, Illinois.

United States Junior Chamber President Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess spoke with Past President Tanya, and was told that Heather and her family are safe. However, now begins the next chapter with the other 100’s of families devastated by this massive storm.

The United States Junior Chamber in conjunction with the United States Jaycees Foundation have set up an account for donations to help aid our members and the communities Illinois and help lessen the impact that this tornado has brought upon our communities. It is requested that you send your tax deductible donation to:

The U.S. Jaycees Foundation
Attention: Disaster Relief Program
PO Box 64
Jasper, IN 47547-0064

Or click here and make an online donation.

If you are a registered ccontributor you can contribute right away.

If you, your chapter or state or are not yet a registered contributer, take two minutes to register and then contibute on line!

Once you select the Disaster Relief Contribution option, you can select Illinois Tornado Disaster Fund.

As a reminder, 100% of the funds received go directly to the grants, which are provided to the Jaycee organizations in order to assist the communities in need. No administrative fees are assessed to the Disaster Relief Funds, so you can rest assured that very dollar donated will go to the grants and will assist with the disaster relief.

As we keep the people of Illinois in our prayers, please remember to also give thanks to all those who are assisting with the disaster. If you would like to donate to those efforts it can also be done through the foundation website and should be earmarked for Illinois Tornado.

Jaycees — it is time we do what we do best – namely, help those who need a hand to get back on their feet, or maybe just a hand to dig out of a difficult situation. - It's been proven repeatedly that we're stronger when we act together.

WE BELIEVE - That Service to Humanity is the BEST WORK of LIFE!.


Raj Nadkarni
2013 chairman
US Jaycees Foundation
Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess
United States Junior Chamber

Clarence L. Jorif
US Jaycees Foundation
Chairman -
Disaster Relief Committee


Some recent projects of note include an annual donation to Leadership Academy and the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Program (TOYA) and disaster relief to Jaycee chapters across the country, listed below, just to name a few!

  • Wildfires – California Jaycees
  • Flooding – Illinois, Iowa and North Dakota Jaycees
  • Hurricane – Houston Asian Jaycees (TX), Hattiesburg Jaycees (MS)
  • Tornado – Missouri, Alabama and Georgia Jaycees Tornadoes
  • Gulf of Mexico Drilling Rig Oil Spill – North Shore Jaycees (LA)
  • JCI training – Hawaii and California Jaycees

Most recently the Foundation has been able to provide technological support in providing a source for the national organization to conduct Internet Web Conferences for training and meetings. The Foundation has also undertaken the major project of moving the Jaycees Archives from Tulsa to their new “home” in St. Louis.

As the Foundation continues its mission, “Preservation of the Past – Inspiration for the Future,” enclosed you will find a brochure with more information on how you can support the organization.


In June 1921, Henry Giessenbier Jr. said in his closing remarks at the first annual Jaycees convention,“We have definitely launched a great institution into the world of progress.”

With that, The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce – Jaycees – was officially on its way with a bank balance of $48.21 and a million dollars worth of dreams.

It is with your continued financial support of the United States Jaycees Foundation that will make the “dreams” come true for the members of the Jaycees for years to come!

Jaycees founder Henry Giessenbier Jr. stated:

"In your hands lies the destiny of a great organization. Let us build it to national recognition... Let us not fail in this task!"

Your support of the Foundation will guarantee that we will not fail at this task and that the mission of the organization will continue for years to come!

Lead Lend Legacy

The mission of the Foundation is to provide
financial assistance and support to the Jaycees
organization – its members, their programs and
activities, for the purposes of leadership development and growth.

The Foundation, like other organizations, must
keep up with the current communications and
technologies available, and we’ve developed a group to research those avenues from the vast membership both past and present. In this way we can assist the Jaycees with similar tasks that will help advance the organization in developing stronger leaders.

Each year, the Foundation provides financial support for the Leadership Academy – a national training program for state presidents, chapter president and other Jaycee leaders, as well as provides grants, as requested, for local, state, national & international causes.

The Jaycees have always been at the forefront in assisting others in need – it is that trait which makes the membership truly unique.

The Foundation has also been on the front lines in providing assistance across the country, and beyond, through grants to chapter and state organizations.

Whether floods or hurricanes, wildfires or tornadoes, the Foundation is a no-cost clearing house for individuals to donate, knowing the funds will be used by Jaycees in their local communities.

Make a Contribution Today!

The Foundation recognizes first-hand the impact the Jaycees organization has on individuals and communities across the United States, and around the world, and strives to ensure that those opportunities continue for the young people of tomorrow.

The Foundation has accepted the challenge of sharing the rich history and tradition of the Jaycees movement with its members, retired “Roosters” and the public. To this end, the Foundation has begun to build a virtual museum – an archive of the Jaycees – in hopes of sharing the successes and challenges that have faced the organization over the years, but more importantly, to provide a chance to touch and feel the rich fabric of this truly unique organization that has spread into a worldwide movement.

To this end, we have begun to build here for you an archive of the US Junior Chamber. We are just beginning and will be adding pieces on a regular basis. So just because you may not see a lot of information now, do not casually pass up what will be added in the next few months. Take advantage of the site, support our efforts by making a contribution and maybe even help us fill in some of the blanks we may find along the way.

To submit information click here and email us any information you may have in Microsoft Word, Text or a PDF format.

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